Friday, August 23, 2013

Back To School: Backpack Deco DIY ✎

Hello lovlies~!

Heres a quick DIY on how to decorate your backpack and make it look all cute for the school year!

All you need are buttons, lace or any pretty trim you like, earring backings, patches and glue!
Oh and your backpack of course!

I bought my backpack last year for about $85. 
Pretty expensive but I have to say it was definitely worth it! 
Herschel is a great brand and they have tons of nice bags! I personally love this bag because it has back support and the straps are very comfy. Theres also lots of room and space for my laptop!


First off lets start with the trim!
Most backpacks have a smaller pouch at the front. Theres usually a little flap that covers the zipper.

I wasn't sure what to put on the flap so I tried out diff variations.
I was tied between the black lace and the daisy trim!

The black lace seemed to fade into the colour of the backpack and didn't seem as exciting and vibrant as the daisy trim so I went for the daisies!

If you don't know how to hand sew then don't you worry!
Alene's Tacky Glue comes to the rescue!

What I did was dab a little glue onto the top edge on the wrong sides of the trim and placed the trim so that half of it was on top of the flap and the other half hung off.

If you're going with something like the lace trim and you want it under the flap, go ahead and place the glue on the right side of the trim (top 1/4) and place it under the flap.


Unfortunately I don't have photos of patches on my backpack because I just ordered a few~

Here are some of my favourites:

From Dark Moon Boutique on Etsy

Pusheenicorn!!! I love this kitty hehe~ 

 From dahliasoleil on Etsy

From damnyoucrafty on Etsy

From TattooIt on Etsy

All of these patches are iron ons!
All you have to do are follow the instructions they come with. 


Heres my collection of buttons hehe~ 
I'll be adding them all to my bag!
I always end up losing some buttons so I like to secure them with earring backings like these:

Just put an earring backing on the back of each button ( or any that have faulty pins ) and close the pin!


All buttoned up and ready for school!
(Empty spaces need to be filled soon once I get my patches and more buttons!!)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Have a wonderful first day of school next month~



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